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Dear Business Owner,


Thank you for your interest in adverting with us. We are selling ad space on BestFreeCrochet.com which has a high traffic rate. See Overview Report below. All ads are “run of site” which means they show up on EVERY page viewed. With 349,875 page views that is a LOT OF EXPOSURE!


All ad positions on BestFreeCrochet.com are on the right column below the existing FaveCrafts ad. The ad sizes are 274 wide x 116 high. If you would like a larger ad, the sizes would be 274 x 232 (double rate) or 274 x 348 (triple rate). Your position will be determined by the number of months contracted and on a first come, first serve basis.


BestFreeCrochet.com Ad Rates – 274 px wide x 116 px high


$100 – 1 Month (above the fold)

$50 – 1 Month (below the fold)

$150 – 3 Months (below the fold)

$300 – 6 Months (below the fold)

$300 – 3 Months (above the fold)

$600 – 6 Months (above the fold)



I look forward to working with you in helping your business grow.





E-mail: Advertising@MaggiesCrochet.com

Phone: (336) 992-0054

Fax: (336) 992-0059



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