Why am I now prompted for registration/login when I attempt to access your free patterns?

We have created a new registration system for the site. In order to access our free patterns, you must be a registered member of the site.


How do I register for a new account?

You can create a new account by either clicking on the Register link at the top of the page or by clicking on any pattern link on the homepage. Follow the prompts for registration.


Can I use my MaggiesCrochet.com login on BestFreeCrochet.com

No. The two sites are completely separate. You will need to create a new account for Best Free Crochet.


I created an account with Best Free Crochet last year; do I need to create a new one?

Yes. Due to business reasons, we have created a new system and the few old accounts from last year are now obsolete. You will need to create a new account.


Why can’t I create a password?

Upon successfully completing registration, you will immediately be emailed an automatically generated password.


How can I change my password to something easier to remember?

Once you login, there will be a black strip at the top of the page. Over in the right hand corner, mouseover the words “Howdy, ‘username’.” A dropdown menu will appear. Click on ‘Edit Profile’ and from there you can change your password.


I already receive the MaggiesCrochet.com newsletters; will signing up with Best Free Crochet mean that I will receive two copies?

No. Do not worry. Our email system will automatically delete any duplicate email addresses. So you will only receive one copy of our newsletters.


How do I download and print patterns?

To download a pattern, click on the button a the bottom of the page that says “Click below to download or print.”. When the new window opens, click on Download PDF. You can then print the document.


Where does it save my download?

We cannot control on our end where the file is saved on your computer. It will save the document to wherever your computer is set to place downloaded files. Typically it is a folder named “Downloads”. Your computer might also have a window that pops up listing any files you are currently downloading. You can also click on that to open the file.

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