Dishcloth-a-Day Challenge Winners

Crochet Dishcloth-a-Day Challenge
Winners & Awards

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2011 Dishcloth Challenge! Thanks to everyone who participated; we received many beautiful designs and are so grateful to all of you who helped make the challenge a success. We look forward to seeing what all of you will create for this year’s challenge!

Congratulations to the 2011 Winners!
First Place – Silky Pink  #355
Designer – Joan Wautlet
Prize – $250
Second Place – Strawberries in a Row  #62
Designer – Barbara Macksey
Prize – $100
Third Prize – Michigan Sunflower  #101
Designer – Carol Ballard
Prize – $50
Additional Awards
These winners received a variety of gifts of prizes from Maggies Crochet
Most Submitted – Carol Ballard
Prize – Gift Certificate
Most Donated To Charity – Carol Ballard
Honorable Mention – Buttered Waffles  #112
Designer – Peggy Mowry
Cutest Set – Creamer  #333, Tea Cup #335, and Sugar Bowl #334
Designer – Carol Showers
Best Story – Popcorn
Designer – Kathleen Stuart
Office Favorite – Snow Lady #36
Designer – Carol Anne Marks
Office Favorite – Judy, The School Bus Driver  #321
Designer – Linda Kahle
Office Favorite – Where Do I Plug It In?  #127
Valorie Davis

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  • dj 12 years ago Reply

    cute…are the patterns available ?

  • Lucy Whithorn 12 years ago Reply

    I have been trying to print the patterns for the dishcloth winners and keep getting an overlay for the newsletter. I already receive your newsletter and cannot find a place to close the overlay. This shows when I print the pattern and makes it hard to see the dishcloth photo. How can I close this box?

    I love your newsletter and look forward to it every day.
    Thank you.

    admin 12 years ago Reply

    Hi Lucy,

    The option to bypass the sign in has been disabled. You can just input the email address that you already receive the newsletter at and it will let you through.

    – Customer Service

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