How it all began…
In 4th grade I learned the chain stitch from a nun after school. After chaining forever – I had a huge ball of just chains. I was learning to sew at the same time so I thought I would have to sew the chains together side-by-side with a needle and thread! Thank God it was easier than that!
A couple of years later I saw diagrams of crochet stitches in a Family Circle and Woman’s Day Magazines. I was back in business! I just loved crochet and did it for hours.
When my son was born I took him to a friends house dressed in a beautiful baby bunting I had crocheted. When it came time to take the bunting off – I couldn’t get him out! I had to cut the front seam open. I later redesigned a button down front and the designs haven’t stopped since.
Since 1981, I’ve designed countless afghans and home decor projects for publishers and yarn companies. My designs have been featured in numerous leaflets, magazines, books and on TV. As founder of Maggie’s Crochet I publish and manufacture leaflets and patterns based on my designs. There are over twenty books and over 500 hundred patterns in the Maggie’s Crochet exclusive product line. We are the largest “all crochet” site on the internet with over 5,000 patterns and supplies from distributors worldwide.
After visiting North Carolina when I was a teen-ager I dreamed of one day living here. It took 20 years but in 1992 we moved from Michigan to North Carolina. Living here has been a dream come true. My son went to college for home construction and is now trying to find his destiny. My daughter graduated college and is now an interior designer. She is a great crocheter and has done some designing for Maggie’s Crochet. My husband dabbles real estate renovation and investment. We enjoy hiking with a hiking club in the area. We also love to visit the many waterfalls and scenic places near our home. We have two cats “Bailey” and “Veda” and apple of my eye “Annabelle”; who is a puppy we rescued. “Annabelle” and her brother “Lucky” (who was rescued by an employee) celebrated there 1-year birthday in April. Party Pictures
In March 2001, I started taking pottery classes as a way to spend time with my daughter. I wasn’t good at turning clay on the wheel so I switched to hand building. I ended up using crochet doilies to make impressions in my hand built pieces. I now call it “Lace Pottery”. Over the years we have perfected “Lace Pottery” and we are featured in art galleries across North Carolina and participate in many Arts & Crafts Shows. “Lace Pottery” has been featured on Roy’s Folk and in the Greensboro News & Record. Here’s a link to – Lace Pottery

Happy Crocheting,

Maggie Weldon

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