Free Wrap & Knot Cowl Pattern from RedHeart.com



From RedHeart.com

Wrap & Knot Cowl


Designed By: Unknown

Skill Level: Beginner

RED HEART® Vivid™: 1 ball 6273 Crazy Coral or 6761 Powerful PinkCardboard, yarn needle
One size fits most Cowl measures 32” circumference
Cut a piece of cardboard, 12” [30.5 cm] wide by 18” [45.5 cm] long. Wrap yarn lengthwise around cardboard 30 times. Knot ends together leaving a long tail to add to fringe.
Cut 15 pieces of yarn, each 30” [76 cm] long for Fringe. Weave one half of one length in and out of clumps of Cowl yarn from lower edge to upper edge and then down to lower edge again. Knot ends together leaving long ends for Fringe. Repeat to work Fringe evenly spaced around Cowl. Slip Cowl from cardboard.

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