#51 Rainbow Crochet Dishcloth

Back to the care of dishcloths – Donna Lynn wrote: “Many people say this but I have never had a problem. I always used crochet cotton (ww) and it’s almost always the cheap stuff, Peaches N Cream or Sugar N Creme. I use the reds as well as the other colors and I ALWAYS bleach my dishcloths …to get the bacteria out of them. After time they fade but never bleed all over my whites. I make them for friends and family and have never had a problem. After they start to get too old for dishes they are used for cleaning around the house. I would never use acrylic as I have hear others do. Personal pref.

Thank you for your comments Donna.

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The Rainbow Crochet Dishcloth is now available in the Sunny Days Crochet Pattern Set.



  1. precious

    i love this one so colourful never thought of that shape for crochet.
    make heaps of these sew them togther for a great afghan

  2. Kvanatta

    Now this one is just fun! What a great way to use up scraps! I am blogging about these dishcloths as I do them – and am enjoying comments from friends and family… trying to take note of WHO says WHAT so I can put together their Christmas gifts 🙂 This one is definitely spoken for…

  3. Lnisha

    Im in love with this!!! im preg and everything during the preg has resorted to rainbows for some reason! lol
    im going to make up a whole heap of these and use them as washcloths on my little man.. thank you so much for a lovely pattern!!

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