#113 Round n Round Crochet Dishcloth – Maggie Weldon Maggies Crochet

To see more of Carol’s designs visit MaggiesCrochet.com or Carol’s Blog: http://www.cobblerscabin.wordpress.com/

Thank you Carol for all your wonderful designs. Follow me onto Dishcloth #114 and the rest of the story…

Enjoy the Round n Round Crochet Dishcloth and other patterns in the Crochet In The Round Dishcloth Set.

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Comments (2)

  • Dorothy42 13 years ago Reply

    Maggie, Why?? have you stopped putting the nice number
    of the cloth on the patterns like all the others??
    it really added a nice look to it! And made it stand out as not like just another pattern!!

  • Dorothy42 13 years ago Reply

    Added to my note!! The number is there but not when printed out!

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