#126 Pink Triple Posts Crochet Dishcloth – Maggie Weldon Maggies Crochet

Designer Carole Sisson wrote: “I am 78 yrs old and I’ve never written a pattern before, in fact it took me longer to write it out than it did to crochet it. I got hooked on crochet and knitting when I was only 16 and worked the notions counter at our 5 & 10c store. Seeing all my customers grabbing up yarn off my counter made me curious, but it wasn’t until I married at 17 that I acted on it. I bought yarn, a hook and a “How To” book. I crochet for friends and charity. I love baby outfits, afghans, really anything. I have one spare bedroom filled with tubs of yarn and stacked to the ceiling. I like a challenge so I decided to try the dishcloths. I am having a ball and I never get bored. Thank you Maggie.”

Thank you Carole. I am so excited that you did your first design for the Dishcloth-a-Day Challenge. It is lovely!

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Enjoy the Pink Triple Posts Crochet Dishcloth and other patterns in the Pink Dishcloth Set.


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Comments (9)

  • Carol Beasley 13 years ago Reply

    I like the ability to edit what I print. With the new print setup that is not available…most of the time when it is a 2 page print I can edit out some of the wording and get it to be a 1 page print out. Why was it changed?

  • cblgal 13 years ago Reply

    Great job! I love working with post crochet!

  • Dorothy42 13 years ago Reply

    Maggie, Thank-you for all the wonderful dishcloth
    patterns!!! I wish I was half as creative as all the people creating the designs!! also love the new print set-up!!!! Great job everyone!!:)

  • skydal 13 years ago Reply

    I agree wholeheartedly with Dorothy42 about the designers.
    AND especially the new print set-up. It is so much easier.
    Thanks a bunch!!!!

  • Robin 13 years ago Reply

    OMG!!! Let me say that I used this pattern to be my first attempt at post stitch crochet. I am in heaven and I have you, Carole, to thank for it. I love this pattern and I love the look of the stitches. Great work. Maggie, that you for all of the patterns and what you to do share with us.

  • Anita 13 years ago Reply

    Hi Maggie,
    I love all the patterns and have downloaded so many. My question, in the past I was able to enlarge the print for the dishcloths. Now it’s not the same. What can I do to make it larger ? I do want to say think you for so many wonderful pattern !!!! I love them all !!!

  • Birgitt 13 years ago Reply

    I’m with Carol on this one. I too used to take the patterns and cut down some of the words and get things to fit on one page by copying and pasting the patterns into a Word document and adjusting my margins but now I can’t copy and paste any more.

  • Birgitt 13 years ago Reply

    I have to take back what I just said, I posted and then bam was able to copy and paste and get it on one page. Sorry

  • Judyyoung1949 13 years ago Reply

    I love this pattern

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