#146 Rose Granny Crochet Dishcloth – Maggie Weldon Maggies Crochet

Yesterday we posted the prizes for the Dishcloth-a-Day Challenge. More prizes may be added later when we get sponsorship. Here is a link to the prizes at this point: https://bestfreecrochet.com/dishcloth-challenge/ WE NEED YOUR HELP!

This Granny Rose crochet dishcloth is an example of just how beautiful a granny square can be! I am often teased about the number of times I put rosebuds on my designs. I can’t help it. I think it adds such a wonderful touch.

Follow me onto dishcloth #147 and the rest of the story…

This pattern is now in the Floral Dishcloth Crochet Pattern Set which is available for mail or download here: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/products/floral-dishcloth-set-crochet-pattern

This pattern is now available in the new book from Annie’s Attic ‘A Year of Dishcloths’. Click here to order your copy of this book today: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/products/a-year-of-dishcloths

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Comments (7)

  • Momyofcats 13 years ago Reply

    hello this is totally beauritul thanks for helping hope to see the prizes soon sorry you need sponsers to give the prizes out im not rich nough well at least i got to donate one and i got to get all thsse free pretty patterns HUGS ME

    Anonymous 13 years ago Reply

    We still need your paperwork on the dishcloth so we can list it. The
    link below is to the paperwork. We need you to fill it out so we can put
    yours up! Thanks!


    Have a wonderful day,

    (336) 992-0054 phone
    (336) 992-0059 fax

  • Catlady C 13 years ago Reply

    Some of these squares are just so gorgeous, I want to make an afghan from them!! Too pretty to just use on greasy old dishes!! Thank you, Maggie, for sharing them 🙂

  • Croche Suenos 13 years ago Reply

    This is so pretty I agree with Catlady would be hard to wash dishes with such a beautiful cloth.

  • Hooie44 13 years ago Reply

    you could use that to make a afghan with it. 🙂

  • Lyndaleen 13 years ago Reply

    Just gorgeous. Great colors. If it were a cake, I’d eat it!!

  • Diana Dangas 13 years ago Reply

    Looking forward to having this beautiful dish cloth in my kitchen!!!!!!

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