#198 Holiday Hexagon Crochet Dishcloth – Maggie Weldon Maggies Crochet

Thank you Carol for joining the Dishcloth-A-Day Challenge!

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The Holiday Hexagon Crochet dishcloth is now available in the Christmas Dishcloth Set Crochet Pattern.

This pattern is now available in the new book from Annie’s Attic ‘A Year of Dishcloths’. Click here to order your copy of this book today: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/products/a-year-of-dishcloths

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  1. MarieAnge B

    I am not tired of seeing more original dishcloths! I think it’s pretty awesome that there are so many designs! If I had the money, I’d send some of mine but since I can’t, I enjoy the ones that everyone else has submitted.
    Ladies and gents, don’t stop sending them in! I appreciate every one that has been posted so far.


  2. Anne C

    I agree, these are great. I have tried a few myself and plan to do more as I have time.

  3. Anne C

    I agree, these are great. I have tried a few myself and plan to do more as I have time.

  4. brenta jane

    Maggie and Crew, Thank you all the patterns are wonderful. Can’t have to many dishcloths to chose from to make for gifts. Everyone usually likes something different. Nice to have Choices.

    I would love to see a few yarn Thread type Hair Nets or as they say a Snood. They are vintage but they have really come back in style. It is hard to find patterns on them, expecially for fine type hair. The holes have to be smaller. So I look at the Dishcloth and Doilies for ones that can be made into Hair Nets aka Snoods. I am not as experienced at Crochet like ya’l
    are but I keep a doin.
    Blessings to All

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