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The Rambler Dishcloth

Original Design by Maggie Weldon

Copyright 2011 Maggie Weldon


Skill: Easy

Size: About 8½” wide and 11” long

Materials: Worsted Weight Cotton: Red – 1 oz, 50 yd (30 g, 46 m); White – 1 oz, 50 yd (30 g, 46 m)(Sugar ‘n Cream)

Crochet Hook: Size H-8 (5.00 mm)


When instructed to join with sc, begin with sl knot on hook, insert hook in st or sp indicated, yo and pull up a loop, yo and draw through both loops on hook.

Special Stitches

[dc, (ch 1, dc) 4 times] in next st or sp indicated.


Row 1:
(Right Side) With Red, ch 26, sc in 2nd ch from hook, [skip next 2 ch, shell in next ch, skip next 2 ch, sc in next ch] across. (5 sc and 4 shells) Finish off and weave in ends.

Row 2:
With right side facing, join White with sc to first sc, * working across shell, sc in first ch-1 sp, [ch 3, sc in next ch-1 sp] 3 times, sc in next sc; rep from * across. Finish off and weave in ends.

Row 3:
With wrong side facing, join Red with sl st to first sc, ch 3 (counts as first dc), [ch 2, keeping ch-3 lp to the Right Side, sc in center dc of shell 2 rows down, ch 2, skip next 2 sc, dc in next sc].

Row 4:
Ch 1, turn, sc in first dc, [skip next ch-2 sp, shell in next sc, skip next ch-2 sp, sc in next dc] across. Finish off and weave in ends.

Rows 5-25:
Rep Rows 2-4.

At the end of Row 25, DO NOT FINISH OFF.


Rnd 1:
Ch 3 (counts as first dc), DO NOT TURN (right side facing), * working in sides of rows, evenly dc across *, working in unused lps of starting ch, 3 dc in first ch, [dc in next ch] across to last ch, 3 dc in last ch; rep from * to *; working in Row 25, 3 dc in first sc, [dc in next st] across to last sc, 3 dc in last sc; join with sl st to first dc. Finish off and weave in ends.

All Rights Reserved ©2011 Maggie Weldon



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Comments (5)

  • Ruth E. Seeger 13 years ago Reply

    Maggie you are a great source for older crocheters…I am on a fixed income and enjoy doing the discloths, etc. that you have for free…I did buy a couple of your books, but cannot afford some I would like to have….
    I am “home bound” and cannot get out .. once a month for dr.appts. but that’s about it!!
    Thanks again…I have been looking for the one w/heart in the middle..on right hand side as you look at
    the page..So pretty and would be great….thanks again and God bless you and the “girls” who design them.

    Ruth E. Seeger

    P G Wilson 13 years ago Reply

    I think it was one of the first ones. Go back to the earliest archives. I looked it up, it’s #5 go to January. There are other pretty hearts ones there too. Have fun. I love these too.

    Ruth E. Seeger 13 years ago

    Thanks P.G. for the help to find that pattern…will try to go back there! I enjoy the
    many kinds and would love to make that “heart in the middle” one for my girls that
    have helped me thru all my operations, falls, etc. With them and the Good Lord
    I have survived!!! God Bless you and love from CT…Ruth

  • Lynn 13 years ago Reply

    Hi – I am struggling with this pattern. Can someone help me out with Row 3. I just can’t figure it out. Any further explanation would be great. I love these dishcloths. I am trying to get back to my crochet and these are great for doing that! I look forward everyday for the next one! Thanks much.

    Lynn J.

  • Megan 12 years ago Reply

    I also cannot figure out row 3. Any help would be great. Love this dish cloth and would love to make it. Thanks so much with any help!!!

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