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Sunflower 2 Dishcloth

Original Design by Maggie Weldon

Copyright 2011 Maggie Weldon


Skill: Easy
About 8½” round.
Worsted Weight Cotton: Brown – ½ oz, 25 yd (15 g, 23 m) Yellow – 1 oz, 50 yd (30 g, 46 m) Green – 1 oz, 50 yd (30 g, 46 m)
Crochet Hook:
Size H-8 (5.00 mm)

To Change Colors Work last stitch before color change to last step, with new color, yo and pull new color through remaining lps on hook. Drop unused color to wrong side. Do not work over unused color.
When instructed to join with sc, begin with sl knot on hook, insert hook in st or sp indicated, yo and pull up a loop, yo and draw through both loops on hook.
3 Treble Cluster (3-tr-cl):
Keeping last lp of each st on hook, work 3 tr in same st or sp indicated, yo and draw through all 4 lps on hook

Rnd 1:
(Right Side) With Brown, ch 4, sl st in first ch to form ring; ch 3, work 11 dc in ring; join with sl st to first dc. (12 dc)
Rnd 2:
Ch 3, dc in same st as joining, 2 dc in each dc around; join. (24 dc) Finish off.
Rnd 3:
With right side facing, join Yellow with sl st to any dc, ch 3, keeping last lp of each st on hook, work 2 tr in same st as joining, yo and draw through all 3 lps on hook; ch 3, [3-tr-cl in next dc, ch 3] around; join with sl st to first cl. (24 petals) Finish off.
Rnd 4:
With right side facing, join Green with sl st to any ch-3 sp, ch 3, work 2 dc in same sp, [3 dc in next ch-3 sp] around; join with sl st to first dc. (72 dc)
Rnd 5:
Ch 3, dc in same st as joining, dc in next 5 dc, [2 dc in next dc, dc in next 5 dc] around; join. (84 dc)
Rnd 6:
Ch 1, sc in same st as joining, ch 3, skip next dc, [sc in next dc, ch 3, skip next dc] around; join with sl st to first sc. Finish off and weave in all ends.

All Rights Reserved ©2011 Maggie Weldon


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  1. Sandy

    Would love to try to work this up, but for the last week or so nothing will print using the print button and the Jolie system, anyone else having trouble getting patterns to print?

    • Crochetina

      I had problems but they were taken care of as I explained in a message above yours… You can also copy and paste into MS Word and then print it from there. Or just highlight the text and then click on PRINT. On the printer menu click on selection for the highlighted area and then print. If you cannot use Joliprint. This might be another way! I hope it works for you!

      • Sandy

        Thanks for your reply, ended up being a problem with Adobe Reader, problem solved 🙂

  2. Crochetina

    I had much trouble, even downloading the file. But in Google Crome it was taken care of. I have no trouble since. It is a new free browser from Google. Glad I have it now. 🙂 Have customized it and it works perfect now.

  3. Madeline

    You can never understand how we appreciate these patterns. Some of us are living on Social Security with a very limited income. Thaks again.

  4. Hohenina_60

    I am Nina from Germany and I want new patterns from crochet curtains for kitchen.Thank you!

  5. germaine

    since i be doing crochet to help my hands i find your dish cloth is a blessing i love doing them the are easy for me as a beginner thank you

  6. Marie Miller

    it’s too bad that it’s not easy to print your free patterns especially for those of use who have limited knowledge of computers. Can’t you find a way to make it easier?

    • admin

      There is link at the bottom of each post that says “Download/Print” with a little picture of a printer next to it. Clicking on it should allow you to print without all the excess images.

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