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Designer Deb Wolf wrote: “ Mostly self taught, I learned to crochet as a new bride over 40 years ago. When I needed help, my husband’s grandmother, a dear sweet lady who crocheted for over 60 years, would “crochet it out” so I would “see it”. She was a remarkable person and we miss her dearly. I love teaching classes, designing new items, and I really love a challenge. I have designed scarves, bags, purses, hats, slippers and potholders.

Thank you Deb for joining the Dishcloth-A-Day Challenge!

Follow me on to #300 & the rest of the story…

Enjoy the Lacy Delights Crochet Dishcloth and other patterns in the Pink Dishcloth Set.

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Comments (4)

  • marceme 13 years ago Reply

    thanks for letting me see t his pattern HUGS ME

  • Mona 13 years ago Reply

    Another nice pattern. Two things I noticed: Row 1 says 8 sc in ring, but an end count of 7 sc. After the bracket 5 times, Rnd 9 needs skip next 2 sc instead of 1.

    Maggie Weldon 13 years ago Reply

    Row 1 is now fixed. Thanks! Round 9 is correct as is.

  • Lindsey 11 years ago Reply

    Is this just plain yarn? I am wanting to make some dish clothes but I am very confused as to what thread to use…. I’ve made blankets out of yarn and doileys out of the thread…. which is the best to use?

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