#320 Moon Flower Dishcloth – Maggie Weldon Maggies Crochet


Designer Patricia Hall wrote: ” The repetitive motion of the crochet hook and the feel of the yarn and watching it take form soothes the stress of life.” Thank you Patricia for joining the Dishcloth-A-Day Challenge!

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The Moonflower Crochet Dishcloth is now available in the Sunny Days Crochet Pattern Set.



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Comments (3)

  • Pat Johnson 12 years ago Reply

    I have been a fan of Maggie Weldon for a long time and own and use so many of her patterns They are timeless. She is so generous to make all of these adorable patterns available to us.Now she has added all of these other avenues for learning to the public is such a nice thing.

  • Pat Johnson 12 years ago Reply

    Patricia Hall has hit the nail on the head with this pattern and I could not agree with her more on how crochet adds to lowering your stress.Thanks for sharing you talents.

  • Sylvia Ellia 12 years ago Reply

    Hi, I have a question about Round 1 on this pattern. It says: starting at center, with Yellow, ch 6, join with sl st to first ch to form ring, ch 1, 16 SC DC in ring; join with sl st to first sc. (16 sc) What I don’t get is where it says 16 sc dc, is that a typo, or does it mean do a sc AND a dc in 16 stitches? I really want to make this, but i would hate to get started and then have to pull it all out. Thanks for any help you give me. 🙂

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