Free Glam Flip Flops Crochet Pattern from RedHeart.com



From RedHeart.com

Glam Flip Flops


Designed By: Stephanie Girard

Skill Level: Beginner


RED HEART® Boutique Sashay Sparkle™: 1 ball of 1012 Noir

1 pair of Flip Flops

Yarn needle

Two 1” (2.5 cm) buttons

Sewing needle and matching thread

Flip Flop

– Cut 2 lengths of yarn that measure 1½ yds each.

– Cut a 12” (30.5 cm) length of yarn and thread it into yarn needle.

– Sew a running stitch through holes on edge of 1½ yd length along non-glitter edge. Pull yarn needle tight, gathering the length into a circular ruffle. Bring the two ends together and stitch with sewing needle and thread.

– Repeat for second 1½ yd length.

– Thread sewing needle with a length of matching thread. Using photo as a guide, sew button to center of ruffle.

– Sew ruffle to center of Flip Flop strap.

– Repeat for second Flip Flop.


cm = centimeter; mm = millimeter; st(s) =

stitch(es); yd(s) = yard(s).


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