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From RedHeart.com

Comforting Shawl


Designed By: Katherine Eng

Skill Level: Intermediate

Required Supplies:

  • RED HEART Super Saver Jumbo, 1 skein 313 Aran
  • Crochet Hook: 6mm [US J-10]
  • Yarn needle.

Vst = (dc, ch 1, dc) all in same st or space.

Shell = (hdc, 2 dc, hdc) all in same space.


First Half

Ch 54.

Row 1 (Wrong Side): Dc in 6th ch from hook (counts as first Vst), * ch 2, skip next 5 ch, ([dc, ch 2] 3 times, dc) all in next ch, ch 2, skip next 5 ch, Vst in next ch; repeat from * across; turn.

Row 2: Ch 4 (counts as dc and ch-1), dc in first ch-1 space, * skip next ch-2 space, [shell in next ch-2 space] 3 times, skip next ch-2 space, Vst in next ch-1 space of next Vst; repeat from * across working last Vst in ch-4 space; turn.

Row 3: Ch 4, dc in ch-1 space of first Vst, * ch 2, skip next shell, ([dc, ch 2] 3 times, dc) all in first dc of next shell, ch 2, Vst in ch-1 space of next Vst; repeat from * across working last Vst in ch-4 space; turn.

Rows 4-36: Repeat Rows 2 and 3 sixteen more times, then Row 2 again. Fasten off.

Second Half

Turn to work across remaining loops of beginning ch.

Row 1 (Wrong Side): With wrong side facing, join yarn in first ch; ch 4, dc in same ch, * ch 2, skip next 5 ch, ([dc, ch 2] 3 times, dc) all in next ch, ch 2, skip next 5 ch, Vst in next ch; repeat from * across; turn.

Rows 2-36: Repeat Rows 2-36 same as for First Half but do NOT fasten off at end of Row 36.


With right side still facing, ch 1, sc over end of last row, * (sc, ch 2, sc) all over end of next row; repeat from * across. Fasten off.

With right side facing, attach yarn on opposite side and repeat Edging. Weave in ends.


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Comments (4)

  • 7citizen7 11 years ago Reply

    Since I a fairly new to following patterns for crochet, I need to know what yarn and hook(s) for the Comforting Shawl LW2310. I love the pattern and do so want to make this shawl. Thank you for answering.

  • Donna 11 years ago Reply

    what size hook should be used for this pattern?

  • Vicki 3 years ago Reply

    I wish I could find a tutorial or video to your comforting shawl lw2310. I’m having a terrible time with Row 3 for some reason I can’t make sense of it. If you know where I can find a tutorial or a video please let me know

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Vicki – We are sorry to hear you have had trouble with the pattern. I am not sure if there is a tutorial, but you can reach out to the designers/publisher of this pattern using this link:

    I hope this helps you out!

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