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Tunisian Hoop Earrings Free Crochet Pattern

Pattern #: LC5031

Designed By: Jeanne Fabre

Skill Level: Intermediate

Required Supplies:

Additional Supplies Needed:

1 pair 35mm, round, latch-back hoop earrings

These beautiful earrings are made with just one multi-colored shade of crochet thread giving them a rainbow effect. Crocheted using the Tunisian simple stitch, they are lovely to give or to add to your own jewelry collection.

Gauge/Tension:     GAUGE: Gauge is not critical for this project.

Earring measures 1¾” (4.5 cm) long, including hoop.


1. An afghan hook is not necessary for this project.

2. Tunisian crochet is worked from the right side only; do not turn at the end of a row.

3. Each Tunisian simple stitch row consists of a forward pass and a reverse pass. Always skip the first vertical bar when working the Forward Pass. Insert the hook in the second vertical bar at the beginning of the row. Loops remain on the hook in the Forward Pass and are worked off the hook in the Reverse Pass.

4. All loops on hook in Forward Pass count as Tunisian simple stitches.

5. If you hold the hook in your right hand, you will work the forward pass, picking up loops, from right to left. And you will work the return pass, working off loops, from left to right. If you hold the hook in your left hand, you will work the forward and return passes in the opposite directions.

6. When making the 2nd earring, hold the earring hoop so the clasp faces the opposite direction.

7. To make a larger earring, repeat Row 4 as many times as desired. You may need a larger hoop.

Special Stitches

Tunisian simple stitch (Tss) =  Working from right to left, holding working yarn behind work, insert hook under next vertical bar, yarn over and draw up a loop.

Slip stitch in hoop (slip st in hoop) = Insert hook in hoop, yarn over and pull up a loop.

Bind off = insert hook in next vertical bar, yarn over, draw through both loops on hook.

EARRING  (make 2)

Row 1 (right side): Join yarn with slip st in hoop, sc in hoop—1 sc. Do not turn.

Row 2:

Forward Pass: Insert hook in sc, pull up a loop, slip st in hoop—3 loops on hook.

Return Pass: [Yo, draw through 2 loops] twice—3 Tss.

Row 3:

Forward Pass: Tss, insert hook in slip st, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), slip st in hoop—4 loops on hook.

Return Pass: [Yo, draw through 2 loops] across—4 Tss.

Row 4:

Forward Pass: Tss across to slip st, insert hook in slip st, pull up a loop, slip st in hoop—5 loops on hook.

Return Pass: [Yo, draw through 2 loops] across—5 Tss.

Rows 5–10: Repeat Row 4 Forward Pass and Return Pass—11 Tss.

Row 11: Bind off across to slip st, slip st in slip st, insert hook in hoop, pull up a loop and draw through loop on hook. Fasten off.


Weave in ends. Block each earring, pinning out bottom point.


ch = chain(s);

sc = single crochet;

st(s) = stitch(es);

[ ] = work directions in brackets the number of times specified.

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