A Day at the Liberty Antique Festival

Pile of Doiles at the Festival
A Beautiful Crochet Lace Display
Pile of Lace I Sifted Through

Friday I spent 7 hours strolling through over 100 exhibits at the Liberty Antique Festival in the blistering heat.  This is a yearly event for me.  I always go by myself because I don’t know of anyone who could take being with me for 7 hours in the extreme heat, looking through all those old doilies and linens.  My husband went one year.  He couldn’t take it.  My daughter was thinking about going this year but I advised her not to.  I tried to visit every exhibit but after 7 hours and 8 isles left to go I had to give it up. I was exhausted.

At the end of the day all the gorgeous needlework I found made it all worthwhile.  It was fun – a great escape for me and good exercise too!  Next time I would like to get a room and spend the whole weekend in Liberty.
Some of the lace doilies and linens will be used in the lace pottery and some will be used for crochet patterns.
I will post more pictures and patterns in the coming weeks.
I found the most beautiful crochet Poppy Potholder and the cutest Sunbonnet Sue crochet potholder.  In all my years of designing I have never seen any of these designs.
We will write the patterns and post them soon.
Have a wonderful day,


P.S. Wait until you see the world’s largest potholders!

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  • barb 14 years ago Reply

    WOW! I am so envious. I, like you, would rather go alone than to worry about someone who isn't as excited as me. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  • Frugal Family 14 years ago Reply

    I wonder if you saw very many tatted items among the crochet doilies. I enjoy tatting, and don't see it very often at those events.

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