#1 Valentine Heart Crochet Dishcloth

While cleaning in the design room today, I was trying to think of something fun we could all do together on Facebook and with the entire MaggiesCrochet.com audience.   I came across some dishcloth patterns that needed to be posted on BestFreeCrochet.com.  This got me thinking about dishcloths and how easy they are to crochet and how good they are for learning new stitches… see next post and dishcloth #2.

The Valentine Heart Crochet dishcloth is now available in the Holiday Dishcloth Set Crochet Pattern.

All Rights Reserved ©2011 Maggie Weldon



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Comments (4)

  • precious 13 years ago Reply

    This is the best crochet heart i have see.
    i have managed to follow you on your valentine heart, right upto the edging,
    this part has me really confussed
    Is the Rnd 1 starting at the curve part of the heart?
    I am lost
    Thank you Maggie, if you can help i would be greatful to you.

    kvanatta 13 years ago Reply

    Hi Rosemarie –
    You’ve probably got this all figured out already but since I just got here and didn’t see a response, I thought I’d post anyway. Round 1 of the edging on my heart started at the top of the curve heading toward the center of the heart. Make sense?

    This is a FUN project 🙂

  • Sheila Mulwane 13 years ago Reply

    Maggie thanks for all the designs. I came acros them just a couple of weeks ago so I have had a lot of catch up to do.This is dated 9-7-11

  • Sharon A Maxwell 4 years ago Reply

    I so very much appreciate your patterns, they are easy to follow and understand. I also appreciate the quick and easy pdf download. Thank you!

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