#10 Grandmother’s Flower Garden Crochet Dishcloth


I kept thinking about how to display 365 dishcloths. I kept wishing for a large white wall. Then it hit me – our breezeway here at the shop is painted white brick and one whole side wall is totally free open space! I started a clothesline at the upper left corner and strung it across the top edge of the 20 ft long wall.

Follow me onto Dishcloth #11 and the rest of the story…

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Comments (7)

  • LadyofYorkies 13 years ago Reply

    Thank you. It’s beautiful. Sylvia

  • BarbieRH 13 years ago Reply

    ohhhhhhhhhh, that was my idea, great, Maggie!!

  • cpack 13 years ago Reply

    Just Love this one.

  • LineDancrS@aol.com 13 years ago Reply

    Love The Purple Maggie

  • hangpham 13 years ago Reply

    Thank you very much for these beautiful dishcloths.

  • kvanatta 13 years ago Reply

    This one turns out really pretty! Easy to follow pattern 🙂 Makes a BEAUTIFUL afghan but never thought of it for a dishcloth!

  • scangel 13 years ago Reply

    thank you for another lovely dishcloth.

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