#43 Ruffled Denim Crochet Dishcloth

Last week on Facebook there were a lot of comments regarding the care of dishcloths. Cindy M. wrote: β€œI love to make dish/bath cloths but they either bleed colors or mold quickly……your thoughts? So I asked everyone on Facebook what they thought.

Avis wrote: β€œTo prevent bleeding, wash and rinse them in cold water. In addition, wring them dry and hang them out to dry over the sink when you are done using them. Mold grows where dampness prevails…”

Follow me onto dishcloth #44 for the rest of the story…

The Ruffled Denim crochet pattern is now available in the Winter Dishcloth Crochet Pattern Set.

  1. kelcey

    This is VERY cute! Thanks so much for all the free patterns. I’ve never been a dishcloth fan, but yesterday while doing the dishes I realized that a nubby dishcloth would have been perfect for getting into the corner of a dish I was washing. So I’ve gotta get busy making some!

  2. grannymom

    A soak in cold water and white vinegar before using will also help set the colors and since most of the cottons are not colorfast I have saoked mine overnight in some baking soda to keep them fresh.

  3. Kvanatta

    Turned out really pretty πŸ™‚

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