#66 Tangerine Dream Crochet Dishcloth

Saturday I took a picture of all the dishcloths hanging in the breezeway at our office.  Oh! – what a beautiful site!!!  Each row is one month.  The dishcloths during the month of January were all created and designed by Wendi our pattern editor and me.  During the month of February 17 of the 28 dishcloths needed were sent in by crocheters and this helped us tremedously!  .  We still need help.

Follow me onto dishcloth #67 and the rest of the story…

The Tangerine Dream Crochet dishcloth is now available in the Orange Dishcloths Crochet Pattern Set.


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  • ValorieD 13 years ago Reply

    Love the photo of the breezeway with all the dish cloths. Maybe we need to start planning for 2012?

  • ValorieD 13 years ago Reply

    Our church is having a ‘Lady’s night out’ this Friday. I sponsored a table and part of the favors for each person that sits at my table is a crocheted dish cloth!

  • Kvanatta 13 years ago Reply

    This is another pretty cloth…. I am trying to decide how I want to display them in my house this year 🙂 Most will be gone by the end of the year – but I do like looking at them!

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