#77 Pineapple Crochet Dishcloth

Just recently my daughter Allison starting working with us full time.  She is helping us update and put a new fresh look on everything.  Allison has also become very good at designing crochet patterns!  She is currently working on baby and toddler jumpers.  When this Pineapple Dishcloth needed a border, Allison designed the one you see in the picture.

Follow me onto dishcloth #78 and the rest of the story…

Pineapple Dishcloth

Original Design By: Maggie Weldon

Copyright 2011 Maggie Weldon

Skill: Easy

About 9” square.

Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn: White – 1 oz, 48 yds (28 g, 43 m) Yellow – – 1 oz, 48 yds (28 g, 43 m) Light Green – ½ oz, 24 yds (14 g, 22 m) Dark Green – ½ oz, 24 yds (14 g, 22 m)

(Sugar ‘n Cream – White, Soft Gold, Country Green, Peaches & Crème – Olive)

Crochet Hook:
Size H-8 (5.00 mm)


When instructed to join with sc, begin with sl knot on hook, insert hook in st or sp indicated, yo and pull up a loop, yo and draw through both loops on hook.


Row 1:
(Right Side) With White, ch 26, sc in 2nd ch from hook, (sc in next ch) across. (25 sc)

Rows 2-25:
Working in sc, follow chart making necessary color changes.

Rows 26:
Ch 1, turn, sc in each sc across.

At the end of Row 26, DO NOT FINISH OFF.


Rnd 1:
Ch 1, turn, 3 sc in first sc, (sc in next sc) across to last sc, 3 sc last sc, * working in sides of rows, evenly sc across *; working in unused lps of starting ch, 3 sc in first ch, (sc in next ch) across to last ch, 3 sc in last ch; rep from * to * once; join with sl st to first sc. Finish off and weave in ends.

Rnd 2:
With right side facing, join Light Green with sc to any center sc of corner 3-sc group, 2 sc in same sc, (sc in next sc) around, working 3 sc in each center sc of corner 3-sc group; join with sl st to first sc. Finish off and weave in ends.

Rnd 3:
With right side facing, join Yellow with sc to first sc of any corner 3-sc group, ch 1, sc in next sc, (ch 1, skip next sc, sc in next sc) around, working (sc in next sc, ch 1, sc in next sc) in corners; join. Finish off and weave in ends.

Rnd 4: With right side facing, join Dark Green with sc to any corner ch-1 sp, ch 4, sc in same sp, (sc, ch 2, sc) in each ch-1 sp around, working (sc, ch 4, sc) in corner ch-1 sps; join. Finish off and weave in ends.

All Rights Reserved ©2011 Maggie Weldon




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Comments (5)

  • marceme 13 years ago Reply

    just had to say thanks i miss my webmaster email with the pretty pics and having to go to the site but now the net is letting me in to get the patterns
    FACE BOOK is another problem lol it is very hard to get to other places in cluding YOURS WHICK IS THE ONE I GO TO MOST OF THE TIME
    we are not even close to half way to the three 365 have you heard from GENNIES YET as to weather you are gonna get in >>> i kinda hope so
    OH hwere do i send a dish cloth too it is thread not yarn… just for pretty HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A GREAT DAY ME

  • Lovely Linda 13 years ago Reply

    Maggie ~~ I, too, miss not getting the pics and notification that the next piece of enjoyment has been posted in my e-mail. But, like marceme, I come to this site and BEHOLD ~~ there is the new discloth!!!

    Thanks so much for all the lovely patterns. They are, each and everyone of them, being thoroughly enjoyed!!

  • pcwsplh 13 years ago Reply

    Am I the only one missing the chart for this pattern?

    I just love this dishcloth challenge! I’ve made several – even made a pillow out of the school house one with fleece for backing. Making these is definitely brushing up my crochet skills – not sure I can design one though. I have a large project that requires following a chart which I had never done. These gave me the practice I needed on a small scale; now I think I can do the larger project without making a mess of it!

    Thanks to everyone making these great designs!

  • Kvanatta 13 years ago Reply

    This one is gorgeous! Definitely requires a bit of concentration but I LOVE the final result 🙂

  • scangel 13 years ago Reply

    thank you so much.

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