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Designer Linda Kahle wrote: “Hi, I’m Linda Kahle.  I was born in Yuma Arizona in the middle of the summer, August 15, 1948, the time of the year that it can’t get to much Hotter. Yuma is known for being one of the “Hottest Towns” anywhere. If you are a true “Arizona-en”, you are known as a “Desert Rat”. I tried making a Rat Dishcloth but gave it up. I could not see someone else wanting to make one of them. So of course the next thing is a Cactus. We in Arizona love our Cactus. Just remember one thing… “Don’t touch them” tee hee. I wanted to make something that shows off my Arizona. When I asked my daughter in law (who lives in Kansas) what was the first thing she thought of when someone mentions Arizona – she said… hot weather and cacti. So for Dishcloth-A-Day Challenge this is what I came up with. And that’s how “A Cactus called Yuma” was born. Because a good Arizona girl loves her cactus – Right? I moved back to Arizona 9 years ago after living in Kansas for 30 years. I just missed my Hot Arizona and my Cactus.”

Linda also designed Dishcloth #133.  Linda – thank you so much for designing these unique dishcloths and joining the crochet Dishcloth-a-Day Challenge.  I am happy you did’t design a Rat!

Follow me onto dishcloth #135 and the rest of the story…

A Cactus Called Yuma DishclothOriginal Design By: Linda K KahleCopyright 2011 Maggie Weldon

Skill: Easy

Size: About 7½” wide and 6½” long.

Materials: Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn: Sage Green – 1½ oz, 75 yd, (45 g, 69 m)l; Hot Pink – about 3 yards; Chocolate Ombre – about 1 yard (Sugar ‘n Cream) Yarn Needle.

Crochet Hook:

Sizes E-4 (3.50 mm); G-6 (4.25 mm) and H-8 (5.00 mm)


When instructed to join with sc, begin with sl knot on hook, insert hook in st or sp indicated, yo and pull up a loop, yo and draw through both loops on hook.



Row 1:
(Right Side) Starting at side, with Green and largest hook, ch 17, working in back loops only, sc in 2nd ch from hook, [sc in next ch] across. (16 sc)

Note: Work in back loops only throughout.

Row 2:
Ch 1, turn, sc in each sc across.

Row 3:
Ch 2, turn, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each sc across. (17 sc)

Rows 4-13:
Rep Rows 2-3 five times. (18, 19, 20, 21, 22 sc)

Rows 14-15:
Ch 1, turn, sc in each sc across. (22 sc)

Row 16:
Ch 1, turn, sc in each sc across to last sc. Leave remaining sc unworked. (21 sc)

Row 17:
Ch 1, turn, sc in each across.

Rows 18-25:
Rep Rows 16-17 four times. (20, 19, 18, 17 sc)

Row 26:
Ch 1, turn, sc in each sc across to last sc. Leave remaining sc unworked. (16 sc) Finish off and weave in ends.


Row 1:
(Right Side) With Pink and smallest hook, ch 3, 6 dc in 3rd ch from hook; join with sl st to top of ch-3. Pull yarn through.

– With yarn needle, go in middle of flower, (both tails are now in the back of flower). Attach flowers to cactus, knot at the back. Finish off and weave in ends.

Note: You pick where YOU want the flowers.


With Ombre and medium hook, ch 25, turn attach to 5th ch from hook (head). Finish off and weave in ends.

– Make a circle on your finger, bring the tail of snake up through the circle.

– Using yarn needle, sew snake to the dishcloth at bottom of cactus, making sure the head and tail are both up. You are now done.

All Rights Reserved ©2011 Maggie Weldon




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Comments (7)

  • teresa 13 years ago Reply

    Hummm,Linda I didnt know you tried a rat!!!But I do know you have more then this and I really love all of your projects…

  • bebe 13 years ago Reply

    LOVE your Cactus Called Yuma Crochet Dishcloth. It does look like a saguaro. I also was born in August. I have a love/hate relationship with the heat. Anyways, thanks for the pattern, I am going to start on mine right away & maybe make a couple for family in the northeast of our great country.

  • Sherry Buenrostro 13 years ago Reply

    I love this this pattern, maybe because I can definintely relate to it!! So original!! Thank you…

  • Georgette 13 years ago Reply

    What happened to the picture? Can’t download picture. I need pics. Thanks.

  • Gloria Ortega 13 years ago Reply

    cutest idea I’ve seen in a long time….. very original!

  • Anne C 13 years ago Reply

    I love this pattern! It is so original. When I make mine though, I’m leaving out the snake, yikes!!

  • Miata5m 13 years ago Reply

    Lived in Yuma in mid-sixties and still miss it. Once you have fallen in love with Yuma, nothing else can compare–no matter where you live, Yuma is in your heart. This dishcloth is Perfect!!!!!!! Thx much.

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