#213 Shapely Shells Crochet Dishcloth – Maggie Weldon Maggies Crochet


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Enjoy the Shapely Shells Crochet Dishcloth and other patterns in the Seaside Dishcloth Set.




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Comments (5)

  • SieraStar 13 years ago Reply

    Love this pattern stitch and would like to make it into an afghan to donate to an upcoming raffle for the benefit of eye exams and eye glasses for those who can’t afford to purchase their own. In what increments do I increase the beginning chain stitch to do this?

  • Dixiedamsel 13 years ago Reply

    Lovely pattern!. I’m thinking it would look good as a shawl or wrap.

    SieraStar 13 years ago Reply

    Excellent idea — just wish someone would comment on how to increas the size …

  • Dixiedamsel 13 years ago Reply

    I’ve been thinking about that. The chain and dc row is 8″, which is 27 chains so you would probably have 3 or 4 chains per inch. You’d have to decide how wide you want the shawl or afghan to be and go from there.

    Of course this is off the top of my head and I will have to make a chain and dc row to test my theory.

  • RaggedyAnn 13 years ago Reply

    I’m currently working this as a scarf using sock yarn. I didn’t think about an afghan. Shouldn’t be too hard to do. I’ll have to think how to increase it while I’m working on the scarf.

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