#266 Orange Slice Dishcloth – Maggie Weldon Maggies Crochet


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The Orange Slice Crochet dishcloth is now available in the Orange Dishcloths Crochet Pattern Set.

This pattern is now available in the new book from Annie’s Attic ‘A Year of Dishcloths’. Click here to order your copy of this book today: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/products/a-year-of-dishcloths

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  • Melodyw 13 years ago Reply

    I would like to have the free patterns put in download form for thoes of us who have no printer
    shirley watcher

  • Dini_ridwan 13 years ago Reply


  • Melissa Averett 12 years ago Reply

    if you do this pattern in yellow, you get lemon slices. Hot green with a white sc/spike stitch round and then dark pine HDC round and its a lime slice. Tangerine or Rose with cream or yellow sc/spike stitches round results in a grapefruit slice. Red with a white round of sc, hot green round of sc, and dark pine HDC round, omit the spike stiches and its a watermelon slice (I added black “seeds” with a permanent magic marker, such as Sharpe). I also added a ten chain loop at the end of the pattern, join with a slip stitch, so you can hang the dishcloths. I love this site!!!! thanks! Melissa

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