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Designer Kathleen Stuart wrote: “The Rudolph dishcloth was inspired by a kids art project where they trace their foot and then make it look like a reindeer. This dishcloth is cute, even though it may not be too practical.

Thank you Kathleen for joining the Dishcloth-A-Day Challenge!

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The Rudolph Crochet dishcloth is now available in the Christmas Dishcloth Set Crochet Pattern.

This pattern is now available in the new book from Annie’s Attic ‘A Year of Dishcloths’. Click here to order your copy of this book today: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/products/a-year-of-dishcloths

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  1. Carol

    This is adorable and great for a decoration in the kitchen during the holidays. I really like it.

  2. Pauline

    I’m going to make this. My grandchildren will love it. Im making it to use as a hat mat.

  3. Sherry Buenrostro

    So cute! I really like this pattern.. There are many uses for it besides a dishcloth…

  4. Jean Barnard

    I made this in tan and added a black smile under the nose. Real cute. I also instead of hdc on the antlers, I used sc. I loved how it turned out.I had a towel that I had bought last year that had a tan rudolph on it. I made a potholder and made this a set. Wish I had a scanner so I could send in the picture. Could also applique this on a sweat shirt. Thanks to all the people who have donated. Wish I could design crochet.

    Jean Barnard

  5. Diane Scheid

    this is exactly what i was looking for! its adorable and not your typical xmas item. love it.

    • cathy albea

      This is to cute! Just in time for Christmas holidays. Thanks for sharing.

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