#337 Treble Textured Dishcloth – Maggie Weldon Maggies Crochet


Designer Goldie Pelton wrote: “ This is my first attempt to create and write down the pattern. I’ve been crocheting since 2005. I started with my mother-in-law learning how to do the broomstick afghan and then moved on to other things. It’s Maggie’s fault I love to make dish cloths and give them away. LOL. I can truly say I am a yarn addict. Any practice stitches I do for a pattern I do in a dishcloth. So I am learning and creating something useful at the same time. The best thing I love about crocheting is the calmness it brings me and allows me to meditate and pray while working on a pattern.

Thank you Goldie for joining the Dishcloth-A-Day Challenge!

Follow me on to #338 and the rest of the story…

The Treble Textured Crochet Dishcloth is now available in the Sunny Days Crochet Pattern Set.



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